Adam K is a Canadian DJ, composer, and music producer. He’s best known for his remixes of such renowned artists as Deadmau5, Tiesto, Hatiras, Soha Radjpoust, Keri Hilson, Shiny Toy Guns, Robyn, and U2. Adam’s versatile style shows his love for different genres: from progressive house to tech and electro.

Adam has teamed up with LA duo Slander for an unearthly track “Breathe”, featuring Matthew Steeper, a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer, and Haliene, an American singer. Evocative vocals are backed to lovely melody with beaming drops and soft plucks. Once you’ve heard this euphoric tune, you’re in the seventh heaven!

ARMNHMR & MYRNE’s remix brings the track into a different divine realm, retaining the blissful atmosphere of the original. With heavier future bass and vibrating synths, this version is delighted and mood-enhancing.