Adele: British singer, composer and song-writer.
Now it’s time to tell you about Adele – a twenty-seven-year-old British singer and songwriter. The young artist creates her works in pop-jazz, soul and blues genres. She has been awarded Grammy ten times and also received Golden Globe and Oscar awards in 2013.

The single Remedy was recorded by Adele for her third album 25 and it repeated the success of the album’s lead-single Hello. On the first day of its release it was viewed by twenty-seven million people on Youtube Vevo, which was a new record for 24 hours. The co-writer of the track is an American composer Ryan Tedder.

The song is a real tear-jerker as it tells the story of deep feelings and true love. The heroine expresses devotion for her beloved one and promises to be a remedy for him: “When the pain cuts you deep, when the night keeps you from sleeping, just look and you will see that I will be your remedy…”