Husman is a Dutch electronic music producer well-known for his genre-bending productions. Having support from such big names as W&W, Tiësto, and Hardwell, Husman has quickly established his own unique sound distinct in diversity.

The maestro brings us an awesome remix of ECHO by American band Breathe Carolina recorded together with mysterious producer IZII. The feel-good track is a blow of fresh air with subtle breezy touches, stunning vocals, and re-echoing lines: I’m finding it hard enough to let go (let go, let go) / And I’m surrounded by your echo (echo, echo)... This one has had over a million streams and received remixes from various artists.

Husman reinvigorates ECHO into a new banger with imposing melodies and animated atmosphere. With driving beat and huge lush synths full of vigor, this remix will make the dancefloor burn!