A crystal-clear voice is seeping through the rhythmic melody: “… my heart is feeling vacant / So you try to fill it in.” Love, disappointment, and a broken heart – almost every young person faces such feelings.

American EDM trio Cash Cash will make your heart throb with their emotive song “How To Love”. In 2009, the trio put out their debut full-length album Take It to the Floor, getting No. 31 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Their catching offbeat tracks and energetic mixes can be found on top charts around the world.

This time Cash Cash are getting out their fourth studio album Blood, Sweat & 3 Years featuring “How To Love”. The track is fascinating and soft and at the same time vivid. The seductive vocals of Mexican pop singer and songwriter Sofia Reyes makes it magic.

Russian record producer Arty has dropped a remix of “How To Love” which is definitely gonna be a party hit. Just check this out!