Clément Bcx is a French music producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. In 2015, he debuted on Armada Music with an amazing tune “Take Care”. His second original song “Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart” was released in the same year. Having dropped some mixes and covers, Clément Bcx is probably a soon-to-be maestro in the EDM industry.

“Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart” makes you think about your romantic holiday: a blazing sun, azure sea and your beloved near you. Close your eyes and feel soft breeze: “I meet your hand / Across the sun and above the clouds / The sky is clear, this day will be fine…”

The melody is relaxing and soothing to the ear. Uplifting synths, catchy beats, alluring groove, captivating vocals – it’s all here, and it all sounds fabulous. Remixed by Slider&Magnit, “Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart” is sure to cause a good vibe on dance floors this summer.