Oh college, the time in your life that you'll likely party the hardest. Unfortunately, most frats don't have the luxury of having a fraternity brother who DJs or the funds to hire a DJ for every event or party they throw.

So what do you do? DJing via your iPod or iTunes is very amateurish these days, because nobody wants gaps between music while they’re dancing, partying, and drinking. Also, nothing is more of a buzzkill than people messing around and changing songs every 30 seconds throughout the entire night. The solution? Pre-recorded DJ mixes!

These mixes are well-thought out playlists from pro Club DJs who merge songs together seamlessly. You might not even notice when some songs transition into others, and it’ll blow everyone’s mind silly. This will keep your party rolling and the kegs draining swiftly.

Most DJs today will have their mixes available online for free as a way to self-promote themselves, so if you have a favorite DJ, then Google his or her name now! Otherwise, browse through our selection of DJ music before your party begins and grab some mixes that you can vibe with. We specialize in Top 40, electro, and dance music, similar to what you’ll hear when you go out to the clubs.

You can either download them to your computer (which I recommend, just in case the internet is slow or cuts out), or stream them off our site.

Be prepared to throw the highest energy dance party your university has seen! Why go out clubbing when you can throw the same party as if the DJ was live in your house or dorm? Pick up a few low-budget lights like the American DJ Vertigo Tri LED Powered Effect Light, Chauvet LX-5 Moonflower LED Light, or Chauvet COLORstrip and you’ll throw a party experience that will have people raving for more.