Got a great selection of music for all my DJ's, good-music lovers and everyone who appreciates a good beat. Some of the music below I guarantee will playing in some of the top clubs all across the world.

Up first we have a remix that in my opinion should have been the actual song. It's Britney Spears with Ooh La La remixed by one of my favorite Italian producers other than Benny Bennasi, Alessio Silvestro.

Another hot remix at the moment is Mister Black's remix of radioactive. This is perfect remix for this song as it keeps a lot of the elements of the original but beefs it up.

Panic City created an amazing remix to Drake's Hold on we're going home that needed to be heard. The song has a nu-disco vibe that is nothing like what I've heard of from him before and is a refreshing take on this beautiful song.

Ludacris created a hip hop anthem with his "Move Bitch" track dominating clubs all over the world. Styles and Complete decided it wasn't crunk enough, and did the impossible by creating and even crunkier track.

I love mashups and DJ TopSider always delivers. This melodic track is full of amazing vocals perfectly in tune and meshed in such a way to create a symponic orgasm. I'm really digging this track.

Who would have thought Ciara's body part could be remixed into such a sensual and refreshing piece of music? I'm liking this remix a million times better than the original. Props to NEVR

Panic City just keeps putting up quality tracks, check out this amazing rendition of one of my favorite tracks out at the moment, Without You.
Boosting the bpm of the track up a few notches and making it a little more club-friendly as opposed to the chill mooombahton version.

I end this pack with a high note, MR. MAKJ just finished up a couple of amazing house bootlegs. Enjoy these four, my favorite is the Cold as Tronco edit, it combines some old-school flavor with Danny Avila's newest single Tronco. This anthem is sure to get crowds wild.