John Gibbons is an Irish DJ, record producer and remixer. In 2008, Gibbons released his debut track, “Beautiful Filth”, together with Scimon Tist. It reached number 1 on the Irish Dance Chart. In 2015, his first solo single, “Your Love”, was played on the radio in the UK and Ireland and was featured on the US TV drama Pretty Little Liars. His most successful remixes are of Charles&Eddie’s “Would I Lie to You” and of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”. The first one achieved Certified Silver status in the UK and Gold in Ireland and the second one gained Double Platinum status in Ireland and Gold in Australia.

Here we have John Gibbons’s amazing rendition of the track “Moving Mountains” by Disco Fries, featuring Ollie Green. This one is packed with a chilled dance vibe and uplifting synths. Check out the tune below!