DJ Kice has performed at some of Chicago’s most popular venues and nightclubs such as Stone Lotus, Manor, Rino, Cedar Hotel, Nikki, Bon V and several other nightlife establishments in the Chicago land area. More notably, DJ Kice has distinguished himself by teaming up with local drummers in his infamous Rock vs. Hip-Hop sets.

DJ Kice emerged in the music industry in 2007, when he was 18 years old, with his first set as an opener at Bon V Nightclub Chicago. From then on his reputation and popularity grew immensely and he found himself surrounded with major influences such as DJ Flipside, DJ Jem, and DJ Crash. With his experience, DJ Kice has developed an impeccable skill of reading his audience, innovatively integrating all sorts of music, attracting crowds, and most importantly, bringing energy to any venue.

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