DJ Real Juicy and DJ KosherKuts have teamed up to produce a beastly mix, blending the best of dance hits into a mix titled Juicy Kuts.

At 18, DJ Real Juicy took the first steps out of the bedroom and onto the career path of a professional DJ while taking up music production in his spare time. DJ Real Juicy is also the founder of popular music blog White Folks Get Crunk, which has grown to become a major force in the blogosphere.

When you’re in the mix with DJ KosherKuts there’s an insatiable urge to flap your wings like an eagle and step to the beat. DJ KosherKuts’ multifarious approach mixes the old with the new, fast with the slow and has the common thread of familiarity and dance-ability.

DJ KosherKuts has defined Cleveland nightlife with residencies all over the city, and has been employed by big names like Red Bull, Monster, Grey Goose, and Bacardi for his dexterous skills to spin at their events.

For more on these dudes, be sure to follow them on the tweeters @realjuicy and @kosherkuts. Check out the mix below!