DJ Toro began his hobby at the age of 16 in Brooklyn where he discovered a natural fit behind the turntables at teenage house parties. As his ear for sound and fingers for spinning began to fuse, he decided to take his beloved hobby and turn it into a career: at age 19, his handle DJ Toro was born.

Mixing a diverse style of of house, hip-hop, and top 40 remixes and mashups which leave nightlife venues craving for more, DJ Toro has landed residencies at popular hotspots like the legendary Pacha NYC.

You can hear DJ Toro on 92.3 Now FM NYC on "Tic Tak and the Freakshow" 3 to 7pm Monday through Friday, and on his specialty show "The Saturday Night Dance" 10:45pm to 3am. For more, follow him @DeejayTORO and check out his website!