Radical Redemption is a Dutch DJ and music producer who has gained massive heat with his albums and remixes. In 2012, he released his first artist album, Annihilate, which was a clear example of his hard style. In 2013, he made big waves with his new album, The Spell of Sin. Being a hard-working talent, Radical has coined another album, The One Man Army, in 2015. We hope that the producer has much more tricks up his sleeve. In 2016, he has taken the 68th spot in the DJ MAG top 100.

Here we have Radical’s latest remix of Donkey Rollers’s “Chaos”. The producer brings us even more chaotic production packed with destructive powerful hits. With high-powered strikes and energetic rhythm, Radical’s remix will hit you with its strength. Is it a hard nut to crack for you? Grab your own copy and check out the madness!