Benny Page is a British producer who has conquered the EDM platforms with his fiery dancefloor rockers. He has made significant contribution to the drum and bass movement in the UK. Benny has worked with such artists as Jessie J, Tinnie Tempah, Misha B, and Arlisa & Nas and has won the hearts of listeners with such tracks as Raggamuffin, Stamina, What Must I Do, and Top Rank Skank.

Benny produces amazing remixes as well and here we have his rework of Wanna Feel Love by Dr Meaker, featuring Yolanda. He turns the magnetic jazzy original into an unusual tune rearranging the tempo and drums and completely flipping the vibe of the piece. The master performs an impeccable work on Yolanda’s delectable vocals and adds his own personality to the mix making it all the more special. If you’re searching for some new music to listen to, Benny Page has you covered.