Dude N Guy is the collaborative genius between two talented DJ's in the Massachusetts area, DJ Danny Fly, and DJ Cuz N Kev. Both DJ's have garnered respect within the industry playing local bars, clubs, and private parties. They've created some massive bootlegs, and are becoming more prominent within the EDM scene. Their sexy sounds are a combination of crazy remixes and monster mashups. Together Dude N Guy create some sweet vibes that will have you dancing to the beat.

This mix is full of recent club hits, and if you aren't dancing by the end their is something seriously wrong with you. Each transition is perfectly in tune and keeps the energy flowing into the next. The mashups are creative, bootlegs on point, and the beats are beautiful. I guarantee you will hear most of these songs in today's clubs. Perfect for the pre-game or the car on the way to the club. Download, burn, and enjoy because even your Grandma would twerk to this. Check out more of Dude n Guy Facebook | Twitter