DJT-roy is known for his high energy sets, flawless transitions, and unprecedented selection of music. Every set is full of style and structured to give you a musical ride. DJT-roy is crafty with his music selection and always creates a progressive level of energy as the night goes on. He has mastered the art of mood in music and how it can affect the dance floor. He has landed gigs as the resident DJ for Club Bleu night club in Huntington Beach, California, and The Madison Bear Garden in Chico, California. He has gone on tour with Pimpit clothing company, DJing across intrastate regions.  His remixes and original productions are keenly gaining recognition. He has produced multiple original tracks and also remixed artist such as, Childish Gambino, Foster the People, Mike Posner, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Great mix by DJ T-Roy, starting up with some of the best Hip Hop Beats at the moment, and then transforming into some Twerk/Trap Beats throughout. For some Bass shaking music, please hit play! DJ T-roy's Website