Antuane Walker, aka Fransis Derelle, is an American music producer who is known for his bangers like “I Want You”, “Cashmere”, “Feel”, and many others. In Fransis Derelle’s repertoire, there are collabs with Cuboid, Two Owls, Hopsteady, Sightlow, and other artists. He’s been announced as the winner of Insomniacs Discovery Project for Countdown.

One of Fransis’s latest works is an amazing rendition of the track “Modern Flame” by LA producer and singer-songwriter Emmit Fenn, featuring Yuna. The piece injects epic synths into the original pushing it in a fresh and exciting direction. Fransis builds the track with smooth infectious grooves and gentle drops reminiscent of his signature style. This one is surrounded with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere having an emotionally impactful effect. Turn this remix on, close your eyes and feel the vibes!