Four Color Zack is a technically dazzling “DJ’s DJ” and pop party rocker at the same (damn) time, deftly cutting between arena shows, Vegas mega-clubs and underground parties with style and ease. With his winning set at the Red Bull Thre3style World Championships in 2012, the Seattle record slinger showed the entire globe what it means to be the best behind the decks.

Four Color Zack is just the best at what he does. From beat mixing, to scratching, to tone play - he does it all. I love listening to all of his mixes. He currently holds the title of world champion (I posted his winning set a few months back - check it out here) and is constantly touring and doing guest mixes at various clubs and radio stations around the country. This mix is an audio recording from the live Ustream show on DJ City, minus the interviews. It's a very creative mix that includes a little of everything!