We’ve prepared for you some fresh remixes of Mexican production duo Boombox Cartel. Here we go!

The first one is a cosmic rendition of “Alamo” from American producer WOLFIK. The maestro refreshes the original track transforming it into a delicious yet magnetic tune that devours the listener in its vibes.

Another remix is from Josie, better known by her stage name Candyland, an American DJ, record producer and musician. The producer puts her own spin on Boombox Cartel’s “Phoenix”. She lays down a vigorous beat that pushes the sounds of the original in a fresh and exciting direction.

The third piece is a cool rework of “Dem Fraid” from Danish trio Nonsens. The guys add their own inimitable electronic energy, messing with new synths and sounds to elevate the track into a different level.

Each remix is unique and worth listening so check them out ASAP – you won’t be disappointed!