Galantis is associated with hot club sound, dizzy bass, and soaring synths. Well, their catchy tune “Firebird” is not an exception. The song features on duo’s studio album Pharmacy, released on 8 June, 2015. The album is packed with solid hits with energetic melodies, top-quality build-ups, and infectious vocals.

“Firebird” is meant for dancing and keeping you excited. Lively atmosphere, driving beat, and vibrant vocals – it’s all there and serves well for a night out! The track has received a thumping cool rework by New Phynix & From Another World who have fused in their progressive sound combined with a swell rhythm. This party remix shines with synths like a firebird with flaming wing beats. Rush the dance floor and sing along: “And all the stars are awaken / To the sound of the firebird / Under the sky half naked / Oh oh, oh oh oh”!