Gramatik is a Slovenian-American hip hop and electronic music producer. He tells about his unique sound that he likes “combining samples from like five to six different songs from different genres and different eras of music, taking bits and pieces of each song and warping and tuning them all together to form a new song”. In 2012, he got three “Best Track” awards (Beatport Music Awards). In 2016, he released his fiery studio album Epigram, his most diverse and futuristic album. In his songs Gramatik often takes up political issues such as Internet privacy and racial discrimination.

“War Of The Currents” is a smash track, which is featured on Epigram, brilliantly showcasing his versatile style and love for mixing different subgenres. American artist Lookas has fropped a solid remix on Gramatik’s hit, messing with new synths, trap and dubstep elements, and crumbling basslines to bump this one up.