Another remix from Alan Walker is waiting for you! The Norwegian electronic music producer puts a spin on Hans Zimmer’s “Time”, the soundtrack for the film “Inception”. Here is what Alan Walker said about the collaboration: “…collaborating with Hans Zimmer on this is an out-of-body experience on a whole different level. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of Hans Zimmer. His work has played a big part of my musical journey. Especially “Time”, which is probably my favorite song ever. The fact that my version of it is the first-ever official remix release of any Hans Zimmer work, is mind-blowing.”

The terrific rework is accompanied by lush, brightened synths and uplifting beat to great effect. Setting the mood just right with its captivating tones and radiant atmosphere, this piece is sure to bring listeners on a musical journey. This one deserves to be in your playlist, so check it out below!