Hayden James is an Australian singer-songwriter and music producer. His original tracks and remixes feature the most delicious ingredients such as rich synths, deliberate melodies, and luscious vocals, elements of trap, deep house, and U.K. garage.

On 17 June, 2016, he released a hot single “Just A Lover” which is so engaging and magnetic that we can’t help but listen to it to the end. Dark synths and thumping bass are combined with Hayden’s alluring voice and the memorable lyrics: “In my heart, you were just a lover / I can’t bare for you to leave”.

A new remix from Pomo is on point! Pomo is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer who makes a kicky sound using hip hop, electronic, house, and ’70s and ’80s funk music. He takes Hayden’s “Just A Lover” to the new level by incorporating metallic shades, resulting in a future bass rendition. Feel its energy and dynamism!