Kölsch is a techno and house musician and DJ from Denmark. In 2010, Kölsch’s album Når Tiden Går Baglæns took number one on the national chart of Denmark and remained in the top 10 for over two months. His impressive portfolio includes three studio albums, “1977”, “1983”, and “1989”, as well as numerous singles and remixes. The artist’s other projects are Artificial Funk, Ink and Needle, Rune and Sydenham, Fashion Victims, and others.

We’d like to share with you Kölsch’s stunning makeover of the track “Stella” by Jam and Spoon. This piece of ear candy is packed with a 90’s vibe giving you a feeling of nostalgia. If you liked the original version, you’re going to enjoy Kölsch’s remix. Check it out below!