Just a quick note before I get to this track. For the last few years, every week I'd update the blog with a mega post of somewhere between 5 to 10 remixes at a time. You guys have given me only positive feedback, but they take a bit of time so it I wasn't able to update the blog as frequently as I'd like to. I want to give you guys fresh tracks on a more regular basis, so as an experiment I'm going to switch things up and try to pump out a top 40/pop remix post every day or every other day. Let me know what you think of the new format, which is basically standard for every other music blog in existence.

Now, on to this juicy track.

DJ Chachi (who we've featured plenty before) and 92.3 NOW FM's Jay Dabhi have put their heads together for an awesome electro dance spin on the Justin Timberlake's breaking new single. I love the original mix of this track, but it's hardly a club tune. So I was super pumped to hear that these guys have layered the track with some sweet, booming dance hall vibes. They also energized Jay Z's head bobbing verse.