Meet Montresor, an electronic music producer hailing from Canada. The artist specializes on atmospheric and melodic trap and gives his music “not only a theme but also a setting like in a story”. We’re definitely excited to hear more original material from him, hopefully soon!
Let’s listen and groove to Montresor’s superb rendition of “Young Dumb And Broke” by American singer-songwriter Khalid. The producer does well to craft a song, which pays homage to the original while offering a new taste to it. Additionally, the piece comes with a video that takes us on a nostalgic tour around a 3D high school. Weaving in such school-inspired instrument as trumpets and real band snares, Montresor creates a special atmosphere that takes us back to the time when we were kids.
Make sure to check this one out below and keep your eyes open for more remixes and originals from Montresor!