Dj Mista Cee not only plays the hottest tracks in the club, more often times than not it is his own creation that is coming through the speakers. When he is not educating minds in the classroom, he is educating ears on the dance floor. Based out of NYC, Dj Mista Cee is best known for his ability to blend songs creaselessly, giving the crowd the oh and ah moment.

I found two high-quality mixes that I just had to post up. Unique, and fresh, DJ Mista Cee breathes fresh air into the Remix game. Everything about these two mixes is great, from the creative bootlegs, to the insane drops every second leaves me truly satisfied. The best part about these two mixes is how he is able to blend so many tracks together! You never get bored and the energy is always there. For more dirty electro beats, make sure to check out Mista Cee's website and also follow him on his twitter @DJMistaCee