Krewella, an American EDM duo consisting of two sisters, set a new rhythm. They work with such music genres as electro house, progressive house, dubstep, drum and bass, dance-pop, hardstyle, techno and trap.

They have recently released an EP titled Ammunition which is quite expressive and different from their previous works. This time they employ live guitar sound and bring in rock and roll vibes and melancholic mood.

“Broken Record” is the first promotional single from Ammunition. Krewella’s appealing reverbing voices resonate well with rhytmic trap sound. Their aggressive tune and somber lyrics make you experience real emotions: “One for the memories / The silence is deafening / I can't keep living on repeat / I'm a broken record”.

Chaz Jackson reworks “Broken Record” making it soft and danceable, while still preserving the melodic aura of the original. This is a tune that’ll get stuck in your head for sure!