Lady Gaga is Back much to the delight of her so called little monsters! Her fans went crazy when this song was finally released and it is destined to be a staple across radio stations and clubs nationwide. DJ's jumped on the opportunity to remix her song the minute it was released, and surprisingly there are already some quality remixes out there.

Up first we have an up and coming Italian producer, Alessio Silvestro, transforming this track from the ground up. He kept some of the original parts but really added some modern energy and house structure to Gaga's new single. Applause sounds like Gaga's old album but with this new rework it feels current and sounds like it was influenced by today's top 40. The remix builds up and drops into a great electro pop confetti explosion that will keep your crowd moving.

Second we have a Bootleg remix by Liam Keegan. He basically kept all the original melodies and structure of the track intact but added a restructured bassline and kick that gives this track a percussive facelift. This one is ready for the clubs.

The final two versions in this pack of remixes are basically the original song with a mix-show style extended intro for DJ's. This allows easy mixing and is perfect for your next set. Courtesy of Jason Nevin and FmSteff

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