Mysto & Pizzi were my inspiration for a lot of my production. Their famous Youtube videos with their quirky nature and catchy beats went viral and sparked the creative interests of many young talents worldwide.  You could be a music producer and be cool. With the rise of EDM Mysto and Pizzi were able to find the fame they rightfully deserve,  instead of being the guys known for remaking that Geico commercial song, "Somebody's Watching Me," they can be known as Mysto & Pizzi, the guys creating big room anthems in the world of EDM.

Lana del Ray has been a staple recently in the EDM world and it was only time before big producers hopped on her track featured in the film, "The Great Gatsby." Mysto & Pizzi created a remix that stems its inspiration from the Kaskade version of Young and Beautiful (which I've included as a free bonus) and decided to give the track a trance-like feel that drops into an arpeggio of moving synths. The track progresses into a bouncy house drop towards the end which keeps it fresh. Definitely worth your support.

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