Maja Francis is a fast-rising Swedish singer-songwriter. She captured the audience’s attention with her debut single Last Days of Dancing, recorded in 2015. Her Scandipop Award nominated single Space Invades My Mind was put out in August the same year. On January 13th, 2016, Maja released her debut four-piece EP Come Companion.

“Come Companion” is a beautiful electroballad with elated atmosphere. Maja’s soaring vocals are accompanied by delicate synths and uplifting tones. With such lines as “You only see the rain, I see rainbows” and “We don’t have to feel so bad / We’re not meant to be alone”, it revives the strongest feelings and causes positive thinking.

Tobu, a music producer from Latvia, comes through with an epic remix that really brings out the emotion in the original. It’s definitely a catchy summer anthem!