The dance floor is rocking and the temperature is getting higher and higher. No, it isn’t a sudden heat wave; it’s Major Lazer with their banger “Light It Up”.

Major Lazer is an American electronic music band headed by DJ and producer Diplo. Its sound is a mix of EDM with reggae, dancehall, moombahton, reggaeton, and house. The group have released three studio albums: Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do in 2009, Free the Universe in 2013, and Peace Is the Mission in 2015.

“Light It Up”, which is from Peace Is the Mission, debuted at No. 98 on Billboard Hot 100. Featuring the vocals of Jamaican singer and songwriter Nyla, the song makes us feel a hot island vibe: “Gimme the ting and make me rock in a dance / Mash it up, hot step in a dance…”

>YP put a spin on “Light It Up” that gave the original some new life. You can feel the fervor pulsing through the crowd. Listen and light it up!