Two childhood friends behind electronic duo SMLE (which means smile) are true experts in producing innovative sounds that never fail to put a smile on their fans’ faces. In 2015, they released their debut EP Reasons to SMLE which definitely impressed and moved thousands of listeners. Their sparkling remixes of Alicia Keys’s You don’t know my name and Owl City’s Fireflies have gained over 1.5 million plays each. Their repertoire also includes remixes for the likes of Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, Connell Cruise, Chris Brown, and others.

The pair have taken Max Styler and Colt Matthews’s Heartache which is a great electronic ballad and given it an energetic future bass makeover. The production is enhanced by the bouncy atmosphere and vibrant melodies bubbling up around Colt Matthews’s tranquil vocals.

This one proves again that SMLE are masters at crafting party bangers!