Three great remixes of one of this summers biggest jam's, "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus.

Up first we have a rendition of the track that switches it up from that poppy goodness and flips it into Dirty Trap track with heavy bass and dutchy synths. This is perfectly fitting considering Miley Cyrus was the pioneer for twerking white girl style. Make sure to support Jane Doze for this awesome free remix.

Second is my personal favorite. We have the newest Electro rework of We Can't Stop, which will will fit perfectly into any primetime/house set for all you DJ's who were itching to play a little Miley without killing the energy. This Remix starts off with the perfect pluck synth all too common in house music, and drops into a high-energy growl. It will really surprise you later on with it's Moombahton Drop, something that has become a trend in EDM. This is something I'd like to see continue into the future, as two different drops keeps songs from becoming too generic and create good variety to keep the crowd on their toes. Show some love to DJ Gazzo and DJ Kalkutta on this one.

Third is a quick Drum Uptempo Re-Edit which will please the ladies the most. This keeps the elements of the original but gives it a reworked beat that would make Ke$ha proud.Props to Maestro Billy.

Pick your favorite.