Sushi Killer and Kevin Vilecco are two American EDM producers behind Hyper Potions. Their first collaborative track “Anime Bae” released in 2014 became a start of their career as a future bass duo. The guys have swept the audience with such pieces as “Squid Island!”, “Checkpoint”, “Porta Vista”, and “Unbreakable” that exemplify their music style based on anime and video games. In Hyper Potions’s arsenal there are also remixes of Razihel, Dabin, League of Legends, and others.

Here’s another one – a future bass rendition of “Kiradoki Harmony” by Japanese producer MYLK. Hyper Potions craft an infectious production around MYLK’s kawaii vocals and glittering melody. The remix shines with colorful synths and uplifting tinges, so take the brightest beam of it!