Meet the Nervo twin sisters, an EDM duo from Australia. These girls are hot and multi-talented: they are musicians, record producers of electro and progressive house, composers, singer-songwriters, models, and DJs. They have written songs for Rachel Stevens, Ke$ha, Ashley Tisdale and The Pussycat Dolls.

Their debut studio album Collateral, which was put out on July 24, 2015, proved to be fresh and offbeat. The tracks are catchy, dynamic and certainly danceable.

“Did We Forget”, which is from Collateral, will give you a solid dose of vibey. Featuring the Australian singer-songwriter Amba Shepherd, this one delivers an irresistible house rhythm setting your pulse racing.
MAXR, an American EDM producer and DJ, has dropped off an awesome rendition of “Did We Forget”. Progressive house sounds combined with energetic melody and thrilling chords turns this striking remix into a party hit.