Ready to dance all night long? Here we’ve got some dancehall rockers that will juice up your next party!

Let’s start with “Come On To Me”, a moombahton anthem by Major Lazer featuring the vocals of Jamaican singer Sean Paul. This “bomb bomb digi digi digi” will make you jump up and dance straight away.

The next one is a remix version of a chart-topping “Luv” by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez featuring Jamaican artist Sean Paul. A hot beach vibe and sexy lyrics make it a great listen: “…you know that I want it / On and a on / On with your lips…

Another Sean Paul and Tory Lanez’s collaborative track “Tek Weh Yuh Heart” got an extended mix by Dj YaMtZa hailing from Israel. The producer delivers a feel-good version of the original piece adding his own flavor to it. Driven by a canorous beat and infectious vocals, the mix turns into a chill dance tune.

Finally, here is a crazy remix by Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel and French Dj Yoyopcman called “Punany A My Best Friend”. This one is quite different. It combines a cacophony of quirky sounds and vocal samples. Try to pick up on its mood.

So as always, turn up the sound and enjoy Jamaican melodies!