RL Grime - a popular American trap producer who hit the world of EDM, having brought the elements of underground with him. RL Grime emerged from the experimental project of electro producer Clockwork. His music is different; it’s truly authentic and unpredictable, as he is a master of mixing the most incompatible things. RL Grime’s DJing is so noticeable and ground-breaking that it’s hard to describe it with the help of conventional terms.

NGHTMREan upcoming American producer is getting his way into the elite of EDM. His first single Street was released last summer and since then it has gained popularity all over the world. He’s recently released a self-titled EP and a number of hit remixes, including the brand new mix of Aurora for RL Grime. Pumping the originally aggressive and dark single with lively melodic patterns and throbbing drum energy NGHTMRE was able to turn Aurora into zero-cool track. It’s a thumping good remix that features the best lines from the two artists. Listening to Aurora makes your heart beat faster and your mind goes blank to let you fully experience the thrill of the single.