Victor Menegaux has earned a respectable notch in the club scene DJing for the last decade and a half. Living in Seattle, with a residency at Trinity Nightclub, Victor has carved his own unique sound in the industry.

His genre-clashing/music-bending sets of Alt Rock, Electro, Pop and Retro led him to produce music for himself, and eventually for other DJs. He holds top spots on mashup and remix websites Crooklyn Clan, Strictly Hits, and DMS. Some of the most successful DJs on the road such as DJ Kevin Scott, DJ Scene & the late DJ AM, have used Victor’s vast collection of essential party rocking remixes as an industry standard.

Club goers can currently catch his music in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Dallas, Houston and more! Follow him @victormenegaux and check out his event calendar to see where he'll be mixing at next.

Victor Menegaux also mixes for San Francisco’s legendary ‘WiLD 94.9’ Friday Nights on their specialty mix show dubbed ‘CLUB 949’. We have for you some of his awesome Top 40 mixes below! Party on.