A promising future bass producer, Slushii, previously known as DJ Swoon, has every chance of becoming the top-ranked artist in the world of electronic dance music. He’s following the general trend to stay anonymous, thus attracting even more attention of the audience to his tracks. Slushii has now only 6 songs up on SoundCloud, bit all his singles evoke strong feelings and enjoy great support both from fans and music pros. He’s been collaborating with such tip-top producers as JAUZ, Brillz and Marshmello, bringing upbeat & exhilarating electronic music to the masses. Posting images of soft drinks, Slushii is like a frosty beverage, with his tracks helping to quench people’s thirst for high quality music. He’s recently joined the family of Monstercat - an independent electronic dance music record label located in Vancouver, which declares itself to be proud of supporting developing electronic musicians from all over the world.

Slushii’s brand new track Emptiness is a pure example of dubstep genre, powerful and magnetic with its snappy melody. You’ve yet to hear a single as diverse as this one, as it’s smashingly hard and alluringly melodic at the same time. Once you are hot and knackered on the dance floor, it gets you chilled out with its aggressive and pouring rhythm.