Thanks to the last StuffDJsHate Special you are all Superstar DJs by now,
so we will get further into some of the specifics.

Times are a-changing. Everything is digital now.

Back in the day, you could just make hundreds of flyers and rain them down upon your city streets.
Now you have to be up on the social media tip, otherwise you stand no shot at being a cool, popular DJ.

I, like anyone else with a twitter account (@stuffdjshate), consider myself a social media expert.

I'm also an expert on the DJ scene,
so allow me to mate these two skills in order to help you exploit the newest means of self-promotion
and get you more fans and more gigs than you ever thought possible.

I'm going to start with the sites you don't need to worry about.
Then we'll make our way to the ones that you must be utilizing
in order to fully promote yourself through social media.

Habbo, Hi5, Bebo, Baddo, Banjo, Kazoo, Orkut, SlippySlappy, etc.

These sites are mainly popular in other countries.
Or they are made up. I can't really tell on some of them.
So, I guess if you live in a foreign land, they may be of some use.
Or they may be popular with the nerdiest of nerds.
Who knows. I don't use them, so neither should you.


This site is for professional business networking.
That means people trying to get "jobs" or further their "careers".
DJs have gigs. Our networking takes place at 3am. This site is not for you.
Don't even give someone your email address, because LinkedIn will send you mail everyday.


Welcome to the wonderful world of 2004!
Pretty excited to see Spider-Man 2, huh?
And what's this I hear about this new site called thefacebook?
Seriously though, if you have a MySpace page still, go delete it right now.
(Really. Right now. I'll wait….)
And if you have Friendster or, just rethink your life choices.


Foursquare is a location-based social networking site, meaning you can let your
friends, fans, and stalkers know where you are at all times.
All you have to do is "check-in" to a location each time you go there.
Just make sure you check-in to every single place you go - dry cleaners, gas station, abortion clinic, etc.
It's super fun and super cool. Even saying to a friend "hold on, I need to check in" makes you seem awesome.
It's a great way to connect with your fans.
If people are fans of your DJing ability, they will definitely want to shop at the same grocery store as you.
When you get song requests while in the frozen food section, you have no one to thank except Foursquare.


Alright, now we are talking.
Facebook was on it's way out, but after that awesome Justin Timberlake movie, it's back and better than ever.
Facebook has a way of showing how great you are with just one number - your amount of "friends".
The more you have, the better you are.
And once you have enough, you can create a fan page of yourself too.
Because you don't just want "friends", you want "fans."
Now you can show off all the awesome pictures of you DJing.
Like the one where you are standing behind your laptop in a dark club. That one is so cool!
But the best pictures you can post are the .jpgs of flyers for a party you will be DJing at.
It's not enough to just post them. You must create facebook "events" that show a picture of the flyer too.
Then you can invite all your "friends" and "fans."
People love being invited to facebook events. The more the merrier.


Ah, Twitter. The current king of social media.
Pardon me, but something so glorious and powerful really needs to be discussed in depth.
For DJs, you NEED to have Twitter. You also need to be friends with as many DJs and clubs on Twitter.
THIS IS A POPULARITY CONTEST!! So get as many followers as possible, by any means necessary.
Start Twitter beef. Call out some other DJ you never met. It always ups your followers.
And it shows your supreme intelligence at arguing anonymously over the internet.

Promoting your events:

Scientists at the Science Institute have proven that it takes at least 14 tweets to properly promote your event.
This includes your tweets, but you can also retweet the promoter and the promoters' friends as well.
Prior to every set, make sure you inform your followers that you are "BOUT TO GO IN!".
During the set, send out a tweet letting your followers know that you are "KILLING IT!".
After your set, let everyone know that you "BURNED THE PLACE DOWN! BEST NIGHT EVER!"
The following day, remind people of just how much you killed/burned/maimed it the previous night,
then start hyping up your next gig.

Additional tips:

Make sure you retweet every compliment anyone ever says about you. Ever.
Have running retweet inside jokes with your friends that none of your followers will get.
They won't understand, but they will find them every bit as funny as you do.
If you are an avid sports fan, make sure you tweet out a running commentary on some sporting events.
People follow you because they enjoy your taste in music, but they also really want your insight on sports.
(Also, they crave your views on politics, religion, culinary trends, and 19th century Russian literature)
There is no such thing as tweeting too much. Twitter is like your diary, just write what you feel.
You are waaaaaaay funnier than you give yourself credit for, by the way.
Also, your life is infinitely more interesting than most.
I mean, you ARE a superstar DJ, so go ahead and tweet away.
Finally, when in doubt, retweet Diddy.