MAKK is an American electronic music producer specializing on trap and bass music. MAKK has collaborated with Foreign Suspects, WKND, DRU, RicharddSly, and others. He has dropped remixes for the likes of Boombox Cartel, Diplo, Rick Ross, and other performers. With a great support from fans and such artists as Bonnie & Clyde, Clips & Ahoy, CYBRPNK, Masayoshi IImori, Milano the Don, and many others, the producer solidified his place among some of the key players in bass music right now.

Here we have MAKK’s magic rework of “Shock Value” by Subtronics. The piece will carry you away with its insane dubstep beat. Full of MAKK’s signature sound design and dirty bass, this one is a powerful remix that kicks off with high energy. If you haven’t checked it out, listen now!