Chew Fu x Bootsy Collins feat. Rev. Al Sharpton – JB’s The Man (FRATTA Remix)

FRATTA is a French DJ and EDM producer. His repertoire includes original tracks, such as “Traquette”, “Wynwood”, “Next Time”, and others, as well as remixes for Chew Fu and Bootsy Collins, Malaa, and Jay Dunham.

Let’s listen to FRATTA’s fantastic makeover of the track “JB’s The Man” by Read more...

Chew Fu x Bootsy Collins feat. Rev. Al Sharpton - JB's The Man (FRATTA Remix)

Chew Fu! Carry out that Rude Boy

Chew Fu is always coming out with the hottest top 40 remixes without dissapointment. Check out two of my recent favorites: Carry Out by Timbaland Ft. Justin Timberlake and Rude Boy by Rihanna.

So dope! Instant club bangers.

Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake – Carry Out (Chew Fu No MSG Fix)
Rihanna – Rude Boy – Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix
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