Showtek x Sevenn – Pum Pum (Da Tweekaz Remix)

Da Tweekaz is a hard-style production duo hailing from Norway. Being active since 2007, the guys have released a myriad of original singles, having attracted fans worldwide throughout the electronic dance music community. Da Tweekaz are known for their uplifting and energetic melodies and silly sense of Read more...

Showtek x Sevenn - Pum Pum (Da Tweekaz Remix)

Sevenn – Lollipop (Trap Remix)

Sevenn is an electronic music producer duo coming from Los Angeles, CA. Sevenn have performed at different festivals around the world including Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 and Lollapalooza 2018. Their 2017 release of “BYOB” recorded together with DJ ALOK became a chart-topper and accumulated over 19 million streams Read more...

Sevenn - Lollipop (Trap Remix)
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