Ying Yang Twins – Badd (Basomatik Twerk Remix)

Okay so I know I've been going HAM with these "twerk" remixes, but I just keep finding gems in this category. Ying Yang Twins 2005 hit "Badd" was a club phenomena. To this day that beat will make everyone at the party move, so when listening to a remix of Read more...

Ying Yang Twins - Badd (Basomatik Twerk Remix)


Styles&Complete have done it again, reworking the classic Lil Jon + Ying Yang Twins' Get Low into a modern hip hop trap beat. It's time to rework Get Low into your playlists with this hot new track; the crowd will go wild for this bass-heavy twist on the original. With chopped Read more...

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Chris Brown – Salt China (DJ ColliXa Mashup)

Oh yes, this mashup is a keeper.

I dig Chris Browns' latest single Fine China, which has a pretty sweet throwback Michael Jackson-inspired sound. But it's not much of a club-bumping track.

DJ ColliXa to the rescue, who mashed up the track with Ying Yang Twins' track Salt Shaker. Read more...

Chris Brown - Salt China (DJ ColliXa Mashup)