TheFatRat is a German musician and DJ, currently living in the USA. He doesn’t reveal his real name and any details about his life to the public. In one of the interviews he said that he had been bullied at school and nicknamed “fat rat” in those times. TheFatRat is reckoned to have his own unique and unforgettable style, which attracts thousands of music-lovers from all over the world. His first track, posted online in 2011, was a success very quickly. Since then he’s been recording new singles, which he himself describes as ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

TheFatRat’s track Monody, which belongs to trance style, was released in 2016. It stands out by its unpredictable melody changing from lyrical mood to dynamic beat. When you first hear the single you can’t keep from feeling corky. Amazing voice appearing on the third minute of the track lets you experience pure nirvana: “Summer in the hills – those hazy days I do remember…”