When you combine his very smooth style of mixing with is over the top personality and command of the crowd you have created "The Party Boy" DJ Chris Styles. You know you have walked into a Chris Styles party the second you enter because there is a certain energy and excitement in the room. "I like to categorize my parties as organized chaos," says Styles. This DMV native can rock any crowd and mix any genre and considers himself a "camouflage dj" because of his ability to blend into any scene.

This mix here is a special treat. DJ Chris Styles mixes it up weekly on Siriux XM on the radio show called "Friday Night Fire." He recorded this amazing session for all to hear. You will be dancing and possibly even twerking by the end of this mix I guarantee it! I find it hard to escape my car every Friday night, it's just that good. Enjoy folks and support my man DJ Chris Styles on facebook, and twitter! Check out his website too!