Virtual Riot, a German DJ and electronic music producer, is considered to be “non-traditional” and “edgy”. His music embraces various genres from electro house, drum and bass, dubstep to neurofunk and moombahton.

Virtual Riot’s latest EP, Chemistry, is a piece of work to be wild about. It features collaborations with 12th Planet, FuntCase, ShockOne, and Dubloadz. Virtual Riot has got a pack of explosive remixes from Pegboard Nerds, Downlink, Ekko & Sidetrack, and Oolacile.

The opening track, “Borg”, has been maneuvered by Downlink into a fresh realm. The Canadian music producer has injected plenty of his own flare into the original.

“Showdown” has got a drum and bass rendition from Ekko & Sidetrack, a brother duo from Australia. Their wild mix of hard-hitting builds will instantly send the dance floor into frenzy.

Danish/Norwegian band Pegboard Nerds has put a spin on “Juices” and absolutely kill it! They have carried that instantly memorable melody into another dimension.

Finally, Oolacile, a dubstep/electronic music producer from America, has twisted “Leave It Behind” into something far tougher and experimental.
If you haven’t checked these massive remixes, listen now!