That’s so lovely to wake up at the crack of dawn listening to a tender piano melody. Addal’s tune “Morning In Love” will lift your spirits at first light.

Addal (born Alessandro Addea) is an Italian DJ and producer of deep house and tech house, who has managed to create a remarkable buzz with his drop-dead remixes and emotional compositions. Addal describes his work as “the pure essence of love turned into music.”

“Morning In Love” is a melodic house track filled with blissful piano sound, beautiful guitar chords in the background and a deep synth-pop bassline. The steady beat makes you fall into a trance and relax. Georgian singer-songwriter Lisa May sings with her charming voice: “Be the sunrise in my morning light”.

Kiso’s remix on “Morning In Love” is a perfect tune to start your morning. All you need is to immerse in the soul and vibes of the track.