You’re already familiar with XYLØ, an LA brother-sister duo consisted of Chase and Paige Duddy. They have swept listeners away with their charming dark pop music and emotive vocals. Their latest gem, Dead End Love, is about relationship that is falling down. The vocals speak of sacrificing as the only way to stay together forever: And as we drive right off the cliff / We can live dead end love forever... It’s a seductive production surrounded with a hushed atmosphere that recalls some deep feelings.

American producers Vasta and N2N teamed up to make a brilliant deep house anthem out of XYLØ’s hit! Danceable and enticing, their remix elevates Dead End Love into a whole new level. With divine sound and captivating house beat, this one is destined to be played in every nightclub. Together Vasta and N2N bring an enormous fell-good vibe to the original. Check it out!