If a sudden overwhelming passion is sweeping over you but you cast doubt on your feelings asking yourself: “I gotta know, is this love?” – the XYLØ’s ballad “L.A. Love Song” is right for you.

XYLØ is an indie brother-sister duo Chase and Paige Duddy coming from Los Angeles. Their sound combines emotive, magnetic vocals with a blend of indie rock, electronica, and dirty hip-hop beats. They have recently put out their debut EP America which brilliantly showcases the best of this talented pair.

“L.A. Love Song”, a closing track on America, is quite gloomy and melancholy. Paige’s seductive vocals are accompanied with plaintive piano sounds, ardent guitar licks, and somber synths. Feeling of sadness runs through the lyrics: “I wanna know, if this life will be the death of me, baby”.

Check out the remix on “L.A. Love Song” from Chicago-based project Win & Woo. With a yearning vibe, this one is to be in your playlist.